Why do people take acerola cherry?

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Acerola cherry is most well-known for being extremely rich in vitamin C. Because of this, it’s often used to help with or prevent colds or flu. It’s also used as an antioxidant nutrient. Together with vitamin C, Acerola may be taken to boost immunity.

Similar to witch hazel, acerola cherry is an astringent. This could make it helpful for treating skin blemishes, promoting skin elasticity and aiding digestive issues. It may even have use as an antimicrobial mouth wash UFABET

How do you take Acerola cherry?

Consume the berry or fruit part of the acerola plant for its health benefits. Its taste tends to be described as sweet, fragrant and astringent. It’s easily eaten raw or cooked into dishes.

The best way to get the fruit is to grow your own because of acerola cherry’s quick perishability. You can also preserve fresh acerola cherries by freezing them as soon as you pick them.

The fruit is most commonly found in supplement form. This is because the berry decomposes within five days of harvest, losing much of its nutrition. Even juices spoil easily, unless preservatives are add. Still, the best way to take acerola cherry is by eating the fruit. Supplements should not be your first choice.