High blood pressure Left untreat there is danger of “dementia”.

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High blood pressure Left untreated, there is danger of “dementia”.

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a type of chronic disease. that affect the circulatory system Because every organ within the body Depends on blood circulation untreated high blood pressure Can cause damage to almost all organs of the body. And one organ that is most at risk is the brain.

High blood pressure and stroke

High blood pressure can cause a stroke. which is a common cause of death Stroke survivor Often suffer from disabilities in many areas. According to medical studies by Harvard University High increases the risk of stroke by up to 220 percent. Fortunately, there is good news for those with high that Proper treatment can Reduces the risk of having a stroke by up to 44 percent.

Hypertension and the potential for cognition and memory.

As you get older Your cognitive and memory potential will begin to decline. Resulting in memory loss. Reasoning gets worse and has a short attention span There are many studies showing a relationship. During those abnormal cognitive functions with high blood pressure It may be normal. To forget something from time to time But there are always gaps in memory. It can be a serious disaster. It is believed that severe cognitive impairment It occurs when blood vessels that transport oxygen and glucose to the brain damaged or blocked Hypoxia causes nerve cells to die. Resulting in permanent memory loss.

High blood pressure and memory loss

This is because high has a harmful effect on your blood vessels. Therefore, it contributes greatly to the occurrence of memory loss. Recent research studies have revealed a link between high blood pressure. with impaired perception and memory Dementia (dementia) and Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) can therefore be said that The higher the more And the more time passes without receiving treatment There will be an increased risk to the brain. Symptoms of dementia It can be alleviated to some extent by using medication, however, there is still no possible cure. to repair the damage caused It can be brought back to being as good as before. Therefore, it is the reason.

That Why is it important to treat high blood pressure early? 

Therefore it is very important. Treatment of high. Helps make blood flow to the brain better. Thus reducing the risk. Controlling is one good way. in preventing cognitive impairment Even people who already have dementia. Treating high can also help prevent it. This prevents further damage to the brain. High doesn’t just affect one or two organs. But it also has a negative effect on the body as a whole. early treatment It’s the best way. To eliminate complications Many people have high. They did not know that they had this condition, so they were advised to get their. to see your symptoms and find ways to treat your symptoms.